second wild horse ecosanctuary in the us

Mowdy Ranch comprises 4000 acres of wooded hills and open valleys in southeastern Oklahoma, the historical home of the legendary Choctaw ponies.


our mission

a love for the land and the mustang

A truer life mission there never was. This opportunity to care for these majestic animals is a life long dream come to fruition and the mustang will always have a home here.



sharing the trials of the mustang

Follow along as we give monthly updates to the goings on around the ranch and the mustangs who call it home. Visitors can share their stories and love for the mustang.


tour info

available dates and tours to see the mustang

Customize your stay with guided tours, plush lodge accomodations and food to give you a memory of the mustang that few will understand its depth.


Mowdy Ranch

Mustang Run

Run to Save the Mustangs
June 9th, 2018.

Come spend a few days in the hills of southeastern Oklahoma in the company of some of the most amazing animals on the planet. Come one, come all. Run the trails with the Mustangs and experience a truly unique experience.

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Oklahoma's ONLY Ecotourism Wild Mustang Ranch

Make reservations to stay and explore the acerage which is home to over 150 Wild Mustangs.

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