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250 Additional Horses


Mowdy Ranch now hosts almost 400 wild mustangs!   We unloaded the last truckload of mares this July into pastures of waist high grass and they are now living in horse heaven!  Although they could easily winter on the grass pastures, we will supplement their feed this winter with hay and grain based cubes.  We will begin feeding around Thanksgiving and will continue to feed up into April.  We invite you to visit us this winter and see the feeding process first hand.

June 13 2020 Adoption Event


June 13, 2020, Mowdy Ranch will host it's  fourth  semi annual adoption event. Our adoption events have been wildly successful.  We  adopted 83 mustangs into loving homes   June - October this year.   June 13, the BLM will again  bring adoptable horses and burros  to the ranch and we will also have another open house.  The Ranch will be offering free hayrides, tours of the ranch and clinics on starting and gentling wild mustangs.    We hope to see you there.

October 3, 2020 Adoption Event


 October 3rd, 2020, should be our fall adoption event for the year 2020.  The BLM has not yet agreed on the date but this should be close.  We will update as time draws closer.